Who will become the chairman of NBEM?

Who will become the chairman of the newly constituted National Board for Electric Mobility (NBEM)?

A. Girish Shankar
B. Vikram Kirloskar
C. Vinod Dasari
D. Pawan Goenka

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Answer : A .Girish Shankar

Answer Explanation: The Union Government has recently constituted National Board of Electric Mobility (NBEM) to promote electric mobility and manufacturing of electric (& hybrid) vehicles and their The Board will be chaired by Girish Shankar, Secretary of the Department of Heavy The NBEM will examine, formulate and propose short- as well as long-term plans and contours of the mission programme on electric mobility, its objectives, quantifiable outcomes and roles and responsibilities of the various It will propose and recommend policy guidelines and government interventions and possible strategies for promoting electric mobility and for encouraging manufacture of electric vehicles in the contry