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List of Famous Inventions & discoveries

List of Famous Inventions & discoveries
1.Blood Groups_______ Karl Landsteiner

2.Quantum Mechanics______ Max Born

3.Quantum Theory Max Plank, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein

4.Law of Conservation of Mass___ Antoine Lavoisier

5.Age of the Earth ________C.C. Patterson

6.Television ___________J.L. Baird

7.Radio _______________Marconi

8.Telephone___________ Alexander Graham Bell

9.Electricity ____________Benjamin Franklin

10.Electric Light Bulb_____ Thomas Edison

11.Theory of Relativity_____ Albert Einstein

12.X-rays Wilhelm _________Conrad Rontgen

13.Cosmic Rays ___________R.A. Millikan

14.Automobile ____________Ferdinand Verbiest

15.Penicillin_______________ Sir Alexander Fleming

16.Insulin _________________Frederick Banting

17.Magnetic Tape _________Fritz Pfluemer

18.Raman Effect__________ Sir C.V. Raman

19.Periodic Table _________Dmitri Mendeleev

20.Transformer and Electric Motor____Michael Faraday

21.Geometry____________ Euclid

22.Structure of Atom ______Ernest Rutherford

23.Law of Gases__________ Gay Lussac

24.Electromagnetic Field_____ James Clerk Maxwell

25.Motion of Planets________ Johannes Kepler

26.Principle of relativity_______ Galileo Galilei

27.Newtons Law of Motion_______ Isaac Newton

28.Electron ________________J.J. Thomson

29.Photon __________Albert Einstein

30.Theory of Atom ______John Dalton

31.Thermometer _________Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

32.Radium_______________ Marie Curie

33.Telescope _____________Galileo

34.Telegraph ______________Pavel Schilling

35.Electromagnetic Theory___ Heinrich Hertz

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